Chrome Frame: Inject Chrome into IE

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Google has released the long anticipated Chrome Frame. Congrats to Alex Russell for getting this out. He fought browsers to bring us Dojo (with a great team) and now he comes at the problem in another way… from within.

What is Chrome Frame?

Let Alex tell you!

Put this in a page:


  2. <meta http-equiv=« X-UA-Compatible » content=« chrome=1″ />

and if a user comes to it using IE and has the plugin installed, the renderer will be replaced with Chrome.

If you want to help get the plugin installed, then you need to force it via JavaScript


  2. <script type=« text/javascript »
  3. src=« »> </script>
  5. <div id=« placeholder »></div>
  7.  CFInstall.check({
  8.     node: "placeholder",
  9.     destination: ""
  10.   });

For testing, if you have it all installed, you can force the renderer via cf:

What does this mean?

We have a real problem. IE6 is a pain for Web developers. However, we have to remember that IE was the solution at some point…. we have an issue with getting new versions of the platform out there via browsers.

It will probably take Google a long time to get a large portion of the developers on browsers they want them to be on *cough*, so this is another tactic. The virus.

On one hand I applaud them for taking on the challenge, and I really believe that Alex has a good heart around this.

We do need to really think about what this means though. When is it developer choice, and when is it user choice? Who should control the experience? And, speaking of experience… how is the UX affected when you don’t even know what renderer you are using, and items such as auto-fill just don’t work on certain sites. Can the user override the developer? Will this be released on other browsers e.g. Safari/Firefox/Opera?

There are going to be massive ramifications with Chrome Frame, and we need to have a conversation around them. What are your thoughts?

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