Post-it Note Wars

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via DesignYouTrust:

What a fun way to declare war across office buildings! Post’it War is a new Tumblr by French agency Gustibus Coloribus that brings some of the most creative post-it note creations all together in one place. Want to see how bad it’s getting in France? Take a look at this recent article in the Guardian.

Sure, we’ve all seen Mario from Super Mario Bros. created in colorful Post-it notes but have you seen Nemo, Waldo and the crazy bunny from Rayman Raving Rabbids? Just raid your office supply cabinet and then let your imagination run wild!

For a little inspiration, here are 21 of our favorite Post-it note pieces from Post’it War.

Post’it War Tumblr

merci à DesignYouTrust pour l’info.

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